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First time posting.

I finally got the book from my local library, and I read it in a day while waiting for the other half to finish a job interview.

I'm going to answer three of the discussion questions..

2. The characters. How do you feel about them so far? Try to evaluate them individually. Are you connecting with them?
I loved the way the characters were portrayed, although I did feel like slapping some of them occassionally, and I do feel that Thomas was a little one dimensional, although this is understandable as it is meant to be a journal so all you are really seeing is one person's views and opinions.

3. How do you feel about the diary set up? Is it too much? Does it work to convey certain messages or feelings from the narrator? Do you seriously think this girl could write that fast?

I enjoyed the diary format, and I did feel that a girl could write that fast, as she does say that some entries take a couple of days, and also she says that she is speed writing as well.  In fact sometimes it feels that the entries have taken quite a while to write as the book does encompass the start of spring through to Midsummer's night and beyond, so when taken in that context it was not that fast anyway.

4. "Capture." - Meaning? What's going on with this word?

I think in this context capture has a variety of meanings, its first meaning is made obvious in the first pages of the book when Cassandra talks about capturing her father.  It means to give the reader a picture through words of what the people are like, their personalitys, their characters.  Although, she also admits later that this is not always as easy as she first believes.  I think it also means capture as in keep, although nobody except Rose really gets to capture what they want.

General opinions

I was satisifed by the ending, as Cassandra was in danger of becoming a self-righteous over opininiated brat.  In fact in some ways I agree with Neil when he said that she was conciously nieve.  It seems that she was deliberately acting as she believed a girl of her age should act, rather than being natural.  In fact, I was still questioning how she could be in love with Simon from one kiss, especially as she reacted even more strongly to Stephen.  Yet, although the ending was satisfactory, I almost wish there was a sequel so that I could find out what happened next, especially to Rose and Neil.


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