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Part One of I Capture the Castle!

Hello! This discussion board comes to you a little late - I fell behind with the reading during the first week (*takes a bow*), and evidently you all are JUMPING to the plate to participate first. Haha. Kidding. But seriously. There are 86 members. We can post. So, I've been thinking about the book so far.

Here's a little plot synopsis of what's happened this far in. Just so you know what to comment on if you went ahead.

- We meet Cassandra, our narrator, who tells us the beautiful story of how they came to the castle. Basically her dad, James, was in jail after a fight with his wife when he held a blunt knife to her threateningly. The neighbor saw... Cassandra hit her with a wooden spade. The narrator's cool already.

- We meet all of Cassandra's family, too. Rose is the beautiful sister, obsessed with marriage and/or selling her body. Topaz is their stepmother, a very eccentric woman, obsessed with the idea of being married to her husband. She's a nude model, or was. James Mortmain, the father, is very hermit-like. He sits in his room most of the day reading old spy novels brought to him by a friend Miss Something-or-Other-Can't-Remember-Right-Now. He once wrote a book that rocked, but now he doesn't write any more. Cassandra's real mother died a few years earlier (do we know how?), but there is a cute boy that helps out around the house/barn named Stephen, who loves Cassandra and openly copies poems for her in an attempt to woo her. That's the first fifty pages. Meeting the characters and their poor life in a beautiful place. They also dye a bunch of their dresses green.

- By the way, they are having serious issues with money - many paragraphs are devoted to food or lack thereof and Miss Whatsherface tries to help them out by organizing income.

- Something exciting happens! Rose wishes on the Devil/Angel in the kitchen, and cool things start happening. Two Americans come by, who turn out to be the heirs of the estate. The castle is leased (for no rent) from the Scoatley estate. The men enjoy James' company and admire his work. They also like Cassandra. However, Rose tries too hard to impress them and scares them away.

Here are some things I want everyone (as many people as possible) to think about. Please post your responses to the section in a new post or on here. New posts are read more, so that's a good place. Responses to these questions can be anywhere.

1. Were there any quotes/passages/moments you loved in these opening chapters?

2. The characters. How do you feel about them so far? Try to evaluate them individually. Are you connecting with them?

3. How do you feel about the diary set up? Is it too much? Does it work to convey certain messages or feelings from the narrator? Do you seriously think this girl could write that fast?

4. "Capture." - Meaning? What's going on with this word?

5. Symbolism/meaning of the scene with the Wish on the Devil. What's going on there? Were the events that followed related or coincidental?

Thanks. I'll post the reader's guide questions as they become more relevant and/or as we wrap up the book. I hope everyone is enjoying it thus far, and PLEASE POST!!!


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Jul. 8th, 2008 02:31 pm (UTC)
I don't have my book yet. I ordered it online, and stupidly had it sent to home address, rather than my school address, so I have to wait for my mother to send it to me. So, hopefully, I'll be participating in the next week or so :)
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